Our County is Changing – New Challenges & New Opportunities Abound…

 Former County Planning Commission Executive Director Ronald Bailey will share his assessment at a CITIZEN PLANNERS’ BREAKFAST on Thursday, November 5th, in Avondale. Register for this valuable session Right Here.

And, speaking of wise land use decisions, don’t forget!! The Master Planner Program course in Community Planning begins October 1st. Visit the Master Planner Page for info, and to register. See you at class!!


Welcome to New Master Planner Program Sponsors! Malvern, Borough, Franklin Township and Charlestown Township, Newlin Township, Honey Brook Borough, and East Goshen Township have joined Chester County 2020, the Chester County Association of Township Officials, West Chester University of PA, and the Chester County Planning Commission in sponsoring the Master Planner Program. We applaud their commitment, and welcome their support!

Welcome to three new Chester County 2020 Directors! 

- MaryAnna Ralph, longtime resident and former Supervisor of Pennsbury Township – MaryAnna is also a certified Master Planner instructor.

- Clare Quinn, land use veteran from the northern side of the County. Clare has a long record of service and problem-solving in conservation and some serious executive experience, too.

- Lauren Van Dyk – Lauren ‘brackets’ Chester County as a resident of Parkesburg and a professional planner for the Montgomery County Planning Commission. Lauren has a long history with Chester County 2020 and was our first Master Planner Scholarship graduate!



Thanks to everyone who came out in May to hear the update on SEPTA’s extension of the Elwyn-Wawa line. It was a great community meeting – SEPTA sent a real “A-team,” and our guests really contributed during open discussion. You can read & download the meeting report right here:

Wawa Breakfast report Final 6-25-15



We’re proud that the Master Planner Program is so useful to everyone in Chester County who has a stake in wise land use decisions – you can hear one Master Planner student’s own remarks, PLUS some valuable comments from CC2020 Chair Jock Hannum, so…

Check out our new YouTube Interview Videos!



April 30 at the Chester Valley Golf Club

marty pat & terence

The 2015 Citizen Planner of the year is Martin Shane of East Goshen Township. Marty with  wife Pat Shane is receiving the Commissioners’ Citation from County Commissioners’ Chair Terence Farrell. We’re especially pleased that Terence agreed to serve as our Master of Ceremonies for the entire event. Thanks, Terence! And congratulations on a well-earned honor, Marty!


 Excellence in Planning Education

When a municipality achieves 100% Master Planner training for its Planning Commission, we recognize that accomplishment with the Excellence in Planning Education Award. Most years, a municipality becomes eligible in late Fall and mid-Spring, so we present the awards at our annual Citizen Planner event in April, and at the Fall CCATO conference. Valley Township received the E.P.E. Award at the Fall CCATO Conference dinner on November 6th 2014 at the Mendenhall Inn. We were proud to have our co-sponsor, the Chester County Planning Commission, represented by Director Ronald Bailey, join us in presenting this award. Congratulations, Valley Township!


When you’re planning your Master Planner Course study, don’t forget! Each year a generous sponsor treats the previous year’s Master Planner Program grads to attendance at the annual Citizen Planner reception – a candid snap from the 2014 party is above.

The 2015 Citizen Planner party will be April 30, at the Chester Valley Golf Club. Get on board the Master Planner Program and join us at this fun event…and remember, municipalities with 100% Master Planner training on their Planning Commissions earn the Excellence in Planning Education award.




Dinniman2020-400x300 (1)

A tremendous thank you and great appreciation to State Senator Andy Dinniman as he recognizes George Fasic and Chester County 2020!

Link to the article



                Chester County agriculture supporters gathered at the Octorara Middle School on June 19th,  for a Keep Farming First evening. The event was hosted by the Octorara Area School District and presented by Chester County 2020. Lead event sponsors included the Chester-Delaware Counties Farm Bureau, PA AgConnect, the Chester County Food Bank and Atlantic Tractor.


                Featured speakers included Steven Finn, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at ResponsEcology; Jan Bowers, Director of the Chester County Water Resources Authority; Ron Furlan of the PA Department of Environmental Protection. Mr. Finn’s remarks included a survey of worldwide food waste and its impact in terms of profit loss and human suffering. The statistics Mr. Finn cited were truly staggering; the solutions he outlined were encouraging. Mr. Finn’s presentation highlighted the connection between food waste and water scarcity. Ms. Bowers’ and Mr. Furlan’s presentation further informed event participants about the bases for current water quality regulation, and the potential future costs water quality regulation seeks to avoid.


                Guests at A Keep Farming First Evening also participated in presentations from PA AgConnect, the Chester County Food Bank, and a workshop for Agriculture Education. Findings from the workshop will be published at the Chester County 2020 website, www.cc2020.org. The highest-priority finding from the Ag Ed workshop was articulated by the youngest workshop participant, a high school senior. In his words, “We need to prove that agriculture and related industries can provide good livelihoods.”

Those interested in viewing Steven Finn’s presentation or keeping current with these issues can do with the following links!

Steven Finn’s Valuing Our Food and Water Resources Presentation
Steven Finn’s Blog – Food for Thoughtful Action


                Keep Farming First is a year-round program of Chester County 2020, dedicated to preserving agricultural land and helping those in agriculture and related industries to continue to work profitably in our region.



The final report produced by the May 7th Community Conversation Around School Safety is now posted on the Reports Page. Chester County 2020 is pleased to help our school districts meet the varied challenges they face. Scroll down on this page to view photos from the Conversation.

Reports are produced by CC2020 program work as we pursue measurable outcomes. Most times, the report summarizes the work thus far and provides a road map for ongoing effort. The ‘Reports’ button at the top of this page is a permanent addition to www.cc2020.org. Do please check out our new Reports Page to learn about Chester County 2020 efforts in the community. 



SCHOOL SAFETY – it’s a compelling issue for school districts and families everywhere. The Octorara Area School District’s families are working hard to get ahead of the issues. They chose a 2020-facilitated Community Conversation as one of the strategies to help their planning…

OASD 2015 CC

2020 Board Chairman Jock Hannum served as Lead Facilitator at the Octorara Area School District’s May 7 2014 Conversation.

Jock CC

Below, 2020 Board member Bill Reynolds keeps a sharp eye on the displayed issues, and listens for participant comments as he creates issue ranking posters…all part of a Community Conversation. Learn more by clicking on the Conversation program icon…

Bill CC


We all had a great time April 24th at the Third Citizen Planner party. Below, CC2020 President George Asimos presents Congressman Jim Gerlach with a souvenir of the occasion…


Jims gift 2